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You must have a Tax ID if you are..
  • Forming a business
  • Creating a Trust
  • Handling an Estate
  • Adding new Employees
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Why select our Tax ID submission service

Filing for an Employer Identification number (EIN) can be strenuous at times, that is where we come in, to alleviate that burden. No matter what entity type you are applying for: LLC, C-CORP, S-CORP, PARTNERSHIP, SOLE PROPRIETOR, TRUST, or if you are the executor, administrator, or personal representative of an ESTATE, we will work alongside the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your behalf, as your third party designee. We will take on the responsibility of going over your application to ensure that the proper documentation is gathered, and sent to the IRS to obtain your EIN in an expedited manner.

Our team of qualified individuals will examine your application thoroughly to prevent common errors; errors that can ultimately lead to you being denied a tax identification number. All corrections will be made before the process begins, as well as advising you on the documentation the IRS requires to assign a tax ID. With our help, the processing time can be decreased. You will have access to our staff of compassionate and knowledgeable customer service representatives that will resolve any questions you may have about the process. It is only after your application has been reviewed and approved by our well-informed and skilled representatives that we will submit it electronically to obtain your EIN.

If further documentation is required by the IRS, we will work directly with them, leaving you the freedom of operating your business without added stress. We are aware that dealing with the IRS can be hectic, demanding, and time-consuming, so that is where we come in. A large number of EIN applications require our representatives to be on the phone for over an hour per application but we are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients at any cost.

You will have the benefits of using our proprietary system to view the status of your application as well as to have access to information that will get you in contact with your representative via phone or email. We also extend the service of providing all clients with their completed SS-4 form upon request. In addition, your Tax ID will be sent to you electronically once it has been issued.

Express and Accurate Filing

You do not need to worry about the regulations and bureaucracy, leave that to us. We will make the process effortless for you, eliminating errors that obstruct the process, and ensuring your Tax Identification Number is received in a timely manner and accurate.

Customer Service

Our team has accumulated numerous years of experience and is well-trained in the process of obtaining Tax Id Numbers, dealing directly with the IRS, so you do not have to. We will inform you of any documentation needed, and how to obtain them. We will correct any errors that could delay the process.


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